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Jennifer Robertson
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Massage (Swedish, Remedial, Sports, Pregnancy, Infant, Fertility), Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage, Trigger-point Therapy, Corrective Exercise...

Aching joints and muscles?
Not feeling good in the skin you're in?

Remedial MASSAGE can improve all of these things

Using various techniques, deep or gentle pressure, there is a massage to suit everyone. Massage promotes circulation, relaxation and muscle tone and corrective exercise can teach you to take better care of yourself. Massage is an ideal way to help you re-connect with yourself, improve and maintain both physical and mental health.

Techniques in a nutshell:(scroll down for more details)

Swedish massage – gentle, relaxing, soothing
Remedial massage – firmer, stimulating, targets problem areas
Sports massage – specific, preventative, enhances performance
Corrective exercise – creates balance, improves posture
Myofascial release – unwinds deep tension
Triggerpoint therapy – pressure on points targets referred pain
Lymphatic drainage – cleansing, clears toxins, boosts immune function

1 or 1.5 hour treatments
Health fund rebates
Gift Vouchers available


Deluxe Massage – a real pampering experience! This consists of one and a half hours of delicious massage with real attention to detail. Your feet will be bathed or anointed in lavender oil, an eye mask applied to soothe tension around the eyes and extra time spent on your hands, feet and face. The addition of pure essential oils and meditative singing bowls guarantees to transport you to another world. An exquisite gift for yourself or loved ones - gift vouchers are available.

Kickstart Program – gives you a kickstart to good health. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to get healthier? Regular massage helps tone your muscles, conditions your hair and skin, clears toxins and gives you a much better awareness of your body and its needs. It's also a great way to prepare your body to begin or resume an exercise regime. The Kickstart Program offers you four weekly massages, personalised exercises (all very simple!) and your choice of one of three bonus relaxation experiences at the end of your last massage.Most importantly, you get weekly encouragement and support to help you stay on track with your health goals.

Every person receives individual attention. Each and every treatment is aimed to meet your individual needs and comfort - massage should be both effective and enjoyable. I endeavour to help every client achieve their goals, whether they be relaxation, rejuvenation or rehabilitation. When you come for a massage you will be valued and supported as an individual. There are so many simple techniques that will help you not only reduce pain but become healthier and happier - come and find out!

More about techniques…

Remedial Massage:
Remedial massage is massage with the intention of ‘remedy’. That is, in order to initiate or maintain optimum health. The nurture and healing of human touch has been somewhat lost in our culture and returning to it through massage and other manual therapies is beneficial to the health and wellbeing of every person. The intuitive awareness and ability of a skilled bodyworker to assess a person and adjust treatments accordingly is something no machine can match. Everything from sports injuries and other injury rehabilitation to posture and general relaxation can be effectively treated with Remedial Massage. Combining deeper techniques, such as Sports Massage and Triggerpoint Therapy or more gentle approaches of Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage, with general massage techniques, means there is a massage to suit everyone. Corrective exercise therapy is also available to those interested in facilitating and maintaining balance in themselves outside of the treatment.
Remedial massage is beneficial to EVERYONE.

Swedish Massage:
Swedish Massage is for relaxation. Originating from Sweden, this massage focuses on increasing circulation and calming the nervous system, thus having a systemic response.This massage makes you feel relaxed all over, rather than focusing on problem areas. It is a soothing massage, to ease your aches and pains and melt you into a deeply peaceful state.
Swedish Massage is beneficial to anyone who just wants to relax.

Sports Massage:
Understanding the relevant sport and main muscle groups used allows specific massage techniques and preventative measures to be applied. Although this type of massage and assessment is most commonly sought after an injury has occurred, it is most effective as a preventative measureand to enhance performance. Corrective exercises can be used to complement this technique.
Sports massage is beneficial to anyone involved in sport.

Myofascial Release:
Imagine one giant sheet of cling wrap surrounding each and every piece of the body – bones, muscles, organs – holding them all in place and giving your body its shape. This is a simple description of fascia, a connective tissue in the body. Now imagine something between having your skin gently stretched and just being held in a certain position, allowing tension to unravel itself. This is a description of what you can expect from myofascial release, a non-invasive method with very deep, relaxing effects. Myo, meaning muscle, means this technique works on the fascia of the muscle and therefore relaxes and re-aligns the muscles.
Myofascial release is beneficial to everyone, particularly those who find deep massage painful or invasive.

Lymphatic Drainage:
The lymphatic system initiates responses from the immune system toclear toxins and regulate fluids in the body. In extreme cases, where a lymph node has been damaged or removed, drainage can be an important tool for helping the body do what it can no longer do alone. For example, after a mastectomy (removal of the breast tissue and lymph nodes under the armpit) the lymph will continue to flow to where the node was, waiting to be re-circulated. If the node is not there or not functioning, the lymph accumulates and creates swelling. Manual drainage (gentle massage along the lymphatic pathways) will re-direct the lymph, re-establishing normal flow. This is also helpful to women who experience swelling, particularly at the end of the day. In ordinary circumstances, drainage promotes good skin condition and can boost the immune system.
Lymphatic Drainage is beneficial to those who do not have a severely compromised immune system. It can be used more specifically for those with damaged or removed nodes or lymphatic disorders.

Triggerpoint Therapy:
Triggerpoints are small taught bands in the muscle . When these points are 'active', pressing the point causes ‘exquisite pain’. Quite gentle pressure can seem intense but usually is brief and then relaxes the attachment and insertion of the muscle. Active triggerpoints can often refer pain elsewhere in the body. Have you ever experienced sharp pains for no apparent reason? And no matter how much you might concentrate on the painful area, the pain doesn’t go away? This is the kind of referred pain that can come from triggerpoints. For example, triggerpoints on muscles in the neck often cause pain or throbbing around the temple, forehead or eyes. By treating the triggerpoints of the neck muscles, the headaches or facial pain can be eased. For this reason triggerpoint therapy is effective in treating referred pain at its true source.
Triggerpoint therapy is best for people who don't mind deeper pressure and some short-lived pain.

Corrective Exercise Therapy:
Creating balance in the body is simple when you look at stretching and strengthening opposing muscles. Someone with tight hamstrings (backs of thighs) can stretch the muscles but without strengthening the opposing muscles at the front of the leg, the stretches may not have much effect. Think about it – if you tackle the problem from both sides you’ll fix it twice as fast! The best exercises are simple! You needn’t go to a gym or run marathons. Simple exercises can be done at home, or even at work, and are just as effective.
Corrective Exercise Therapy is beneficial to everyone - it is a pro-active method, helping you maintain your own health.

More about Jennifer…

I love my job! Having been a competitive gymnast and dancer and later, experiencing a life-changing accident and intensive rehabilitation, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. These experiences have given me great empathy and passion to stay healthy and assist others in their health.

I have been working as a massage therapist for eighteen years and am dedicated to my work. I have worked in a thriving clinic in Sydney, from home, at two natural therapies centres and for the Ducati Formula 1 Motorcycle racing team. I am now based at Practical Life Therapies, a health and wellbeing centre in Bull Street, Cooks Hill. For more info or directions visit

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  • (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Certificate Swedish Massage
  • Certificate IV Remedial Massage
  • Diploma Remedal Massage
  • Myofascial Release 1,3
  • Lymphatic Drainage 1
  • Triggerpoint Therapy 1
  • Corrective Exercise Therapy
  • Diploma of Pregnancy Massage (Copeland College, VIC (now Pregnancy Massage Australia))
  • Paediatric Massage Consultant (Infant Massage Information Service, WA)
    Clare Blake Fertility Massage (UK) *ongoing student
  • Senior First Aid
  • ATMS member 17173
  • Health Fund Rebates available

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