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Women’s bodies are special! Menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and everything in between… It can be painful being female but it also full of wonders and joy. Our bodies are designed to offer us a close connection with the cycles of the natural world and valuable indications about our overall health. We can learn so much from our bodies. Massage offers support for women suffering with PMS, digestive and fertility issues, menopause and a range of other difficulties. During pregnancy and after childbirth, massage is an extremely effective tool to naturally support your body through times of enormous change

Pregnancy Massage
I am trained as a specialist in Pregnancy Massage, offering extremely enjoyable and effective massage throughout your pregnancy. Being pregnant is an exciting and beautiful experience but it can also be painful and worrying at times. Massage helps keep you calm and stabilises your health during pregnancy. Discomforts such as back, neck and pelvic pain, cramping, carpal tunnel and nausea are greatly eased with massage. Blood pressure and fluids in the body can be regulated and your immune system boosted. The struggle of body and mind to come to terms with the rapid changes of pregnancy, are eased, allowing you to enjoy your special time all the more. There are certain indications and contraindications (dos and don’ts) specific to your time of gestation and your personal health and experience of pregnancy. When these are understood by your therapist, massage can be applied remedially and is perfectly safe throughout all stages of pregnancy. Massage can also be extremely beneficial in high risk pregnancies, with doctor’s consent. Keeping women happy and healthy throughout pregnancy improves labour, mother-child bonding and the overall development of the fetus.

Induction massage is a select range of points and massage used to encourage the body to enter labour. The stress and frustration of being overdue, particularly if you wish to have a natural birth, is eased by the contact of massage. The techniques used help to stimulate your body and hasten the onset of labour. Induction massage is a supportive approach for women who are overdue or nearing the end of their pregnancy – it only encourages the body to commence its natural labouring process – it is not an aggressive intervention.

Partner training for labour is another service available for pregnant ladies and their birthing partner. Spending some time refining your birth plan is one way to prepare for labour. Simple breathing and visualisation techniques help focus the mind while the body enters labour and simple massage techniques can be applied during labour, assisting the body to perform its natural function. Learning these approaches beforehand can give the mother greater confidence and is helpful for men who often feel at a bit of a loss as to how they can help at this time.

Infant massage
Infant massage is a blessing to help parents and babies alike. Traditional cultures have used massage during pregnancy, childbirth and with babies, for centuries. Touch is absolutely essential for a child to survive and to stimulate healthy development of all of all the systems in the body. Learning to massage your new baby or child is not only fun but a vital tool for your child’s development and health. Many common conditions such as colic, wind, reflux and eczma can be eased with massage. Your child’s sleep patterns will improve and so will yours! The benefits and specific uses of massage are far-reaching, including benefits to mothers with post-natal depression and bonding the family as a whole. Massage is also helpful for children with special needs or those with specific health conditions.

Classes are a cost effective and fun way to learn infant massage. Classes run weekly over a four week period. Each class lasts for one hour. This is a great way to meet other parents and to observe different responses from each child (part of your lesson is about understanding the body language of your child so you can do the massage at an appropriate time). The first week we will start with introductions and you will receive the gift of organic, cold pressed oil to use on your baby. We discuss a range of information such as benefits, when to massage, safety, oils and adapting massage as your child grows. You will also learn to do a full body massage on your child, including specific techniques for colic and wind and lymphatic exercises to boost the immune system. I will demonstrate all massage techniques on Michael (my demonstration doll!). You can follow along on your own child or, if they are not receptive to massage at the time, you can practice on one of the other demonstration dolls available. Each week we will review and discuss the previous class and your experiences of massage time during the week. Then we will add discussion topics and massage techniques. In the last week you will be able to do the full body massage sequence and be confident about all the information you have learned.

One on one tuition is also available, either in your home or at my workplace. In this option the course is condensed into two sessions, lasting one and a half hours each. These sessions are slightly more expensive but allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home and have my full attention on you and your baby.

Revision classes are available to anyone who has previously done the course and would like to brush up on their skills.

Paediatric Massage Consultation
Information sessions are available on request. The purpose of these sessions is to provide relevant, up to date information about how and why infant massage is used. The latest research will be presented and discussed. Techniques will be demonstrated but these sessions are developed to convey information and details about massage with children, rather than teaching the full body massage sequence.

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